Current software version is V3.03 with Editors for Macintosh and Windows

This is the place to get the latest version of the Nord Modular and/or Micro Modular operating system and Editor software without any additional charges. If you're not familiar with the upgrade procedure, please read through these instructions!

PC files

Mac files

Read Me file

Multiple files: Editor | ModularUpdate |

Nord Modular V3.03 Help file
(download and place in the same folder as the Modular Editor V3.03 program)

Read Me file

Multiple files: Editor | ModularUpdate | MicroUpdate

Macintosh fonts used by the Editor (Arial and Geneva)

Here are a few V3.0 patches to start with:

B3big_PG+.pch | CommonFBlues.pch | Gritarr.pch | MyBoss.pch | tradvocoder.pch | tradvocoder2.pch | crazyvocoder.pch | DRYistheword.pch | fatsquare.pch | fett.pch | flum 3_0.pch | stringent.pch | TREOLEAD.pch

Get more patches here!


What you need to run the software

If you want to use the Macintosh version of the Nord Modular software, this is what you need:

Macintosh PowerPC running Mac OS 8.6 (a 120 MHz PowerPC or better is recommended). The Editor is designed for 800 x 600 screen size but 1024 x 768 is recommended, and minimum 16-bit color (thousands). The computer must be equipped with a MIDI interface. The Macintosh version of the Nord Modular Editor requires OMS, which must be installed and activated.

If you have a PC, this is what you need:

A Pentium 133 MHz or better is recommended. Windows 95/98/NT4.0. The Editor is designed for 800 x 600 screen size but 1024 x 768 is recommended, and minimum 16-bit color. The computer must be equipped with a MIDI interface with previously installed driver.

Before you start with the update

Before you start the update it's advisable to check what the new software update gives you in terms of new features and bug fixes. There is a "read me" file attached. Please read this file. There are some very good advise and useful information you need to know.

Here is the instruction to pursue the update to V3.03

IMPORTANT!!!: Before you proceed with the upgrade it is very important that you save your patches from the Modular internal memory to the computer. The Patches in the Nord Modular and Micro Modular internal memory will be permanently erased when upgrading the operating system from V2.10 or earlier versions to V3.03! If you upgrade from V3.01 or later, the patches will remain in the internal memory after upgrading to V3.03.

1. Download the file(s) for the type of platform you use; Mac or PC. For PC users, you can either choose a complete self-extracting file or multiple compressed (zipped) files. For Mac users, the Nord Modular update software comes in three compressed (hqx/sit) files. Unzip or unstuff the files with WinZip on PC or Stuffit Expander 5.X on Mac. See additional instructions.

2a. PC users: Double-click on the 'ModularEditor3_03.exe' file to start the update. Alternatively, double-click on an 'Update' file to download the new OS to the connected synthesizer module, and then run the Editor.

2b. Mac users: The ‘Modular Editor 3’ file is the Editor file for both Nord Modular and Micro Modular. ‘Modular Update 3’ is the update file for the Nord Modular synthesizer and ‘Micro Update 3’ is the update file for the Micro Modular synthesizer. Double-click on the update file for your synthesizer model and follow the instructions. When the installation of the synthesizer OS is complete, you are set to run the 'Modular Editor 3' program.

Nord Modular OS update on PC

When the update, using the self-extracting file, is finished you need to upgrade the software in the Nord Modular/Micro Modular synth. Make sure the Modular is connected to the computer, and follow the instructions given in the installation file.

What will happen with my old patches?

IMPORTANT! Patch files made in V2.1 of the Editor will be automatically updated when you open them in the V3.0 Editor. Patches made in Editor versions older than 2.1 are neither readable nor convertible in V3.0. If you have any old patches that you want to use in V3.0, first open them in the V2.1 Editor and save them again.