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Dasz Garncarz

A Software developer, sound developer and modular designer.
Dasz has built upon a solid foundation in electro-acoustic music and computer science at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. Initiated on an EMS VCS-3, Buchla, and Emu modular systems, Dasz moved to the Nord Modular (over the past 6 years) and recently the G2, while specializing in trance, ambient, live performance, sequencing and control system design.

Dasz was the creator/owner/entrepreneur of Opcode's Revolve 100M sequencer (1999) as well as a crucial force behind the Infusion System's I-Cube (product and software development). As a co-owner of Dimension Arc Media, Dasz was a manager, sound designer, and composer on a number of multimedia productions, promotions and video games. He has produced and mixed a number of projects, including a classic/electro-acoustic anthology, his own material, as well as mastering, and sonic consulting. Currently, he's a software and interface developer for a leading Canadian software company.

Listen to Dasz great sequensing patches for the Nord Modular G2 here.

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